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Garage Door Repair google 5 star
Garage Door Repair google 5 star

Garage Door Repair Claremont

Claremont Garae Doors Repair is one of the most well-regarded and reliable garage door repair service providers that people will find in Claremong, CA and the surrounding areas. Our experienced and educated technicians are also great at customer service, which you will notice right away. Our company can offer a wide range of different garage door repair services. Customers can expect the same service quality each and every time. We work with both residential and commercial garage door systems. We can also handle all sizes, styles, brands, and parts associated with the garage doors. We can repair garage doors in Claremont that are damaged or even utterly destroyed, restoring them to their earlier state. Your garage door will be in good hands with us.

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ASAF also provide garage door installation services in Claremont to the people who are interested in home renovations. We offer full coverage and a persistent high service quality to all of our customers. You are guaranteed to make your property and your other valuables more effective and functional when you work with us. The fact that we can finish everything within a day only makes it all better. ASAF Garage Door Repair can help you to meet all of your garage door repair needs.

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Garage Door Spring Claremont


Garage Door Spring & Repair

Garage door springs are crucial components of the garage door systems. The springs help counterbalance the weight of the door which makes opening and closing easy. The garage door springs in Claremont need to be in good condition and have the sufficient spring force to pull the garage door. Contact our trusted experts at ASAF for garage door springs, repair and replacement needs.

Two Types of Garage Doors Springs

The garage door springs come in various types ranging from the torsion to the extension springs.

Tosrsion Springs

The torsion spring is the most popular and standard residential garage door spring. It has one or two springs depending on the size and weight of the garage door. The EZ-Set torsion spring is ideal for two-car garages. It has a center back support bracket that accommodates the great width of the garage door. There are the commercial torsion types springs that use the linear, duplex, triplex, and mixed systems. Such door garage springs are recommended for large, heavier commercial and industrial doors.

extension springs

Other types of garage door springs include the steel rolling door torsion and one-piece curtain door torsion. Extension springs come in one-piece and sectional types, unlike the steel rolling door torsions. Read more

Garage Door Motor Claremont

Is your garage door motor in Claremont driving you crazy? Let’s face it, coming home from a long day at work just to find that you can’t even get into your garage because of a garage door motor that has failed is a nightmare. So, what actually most common reasons that make garage motors break?

1. Electrical Component Failure

When your garage door remote shows signs of life, but neither the manual switch nor the remote can activate your garage door, then you should check the lights on the motor. If the problem continues, then the issue is a failure of an electrical component and needs to be handled by a professional.

2. Dead Motor

If the lights on the motor are dead, then your garage door motor unit isn’t receiving any power. Once you have checked to see if your garage door is connected to a power supply and checked your fuses or circuit breaker, you should call us at ASAP for garage door motors and repair.

3. Faulty Wiring

When your garage door starts working inconsistently in spite of the switch, remote battery, torsion spring, and rolling tracks functioning properly, then it could be faulty wiring inside the motor unit. This calls for immediate attention from a professional. Read more

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