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Garage Door Spring & Repair in Rancho Cucamonga

A Garage Door Spring may break at any time. At ASAF Garage Door Repair of Rancho Cucamonga, we guarantee our clients quality services and a premium selection of the finest products in the market for Garage Door Springs. The springs are essential in determining the operation of a garage door since they enable it to open and close with ease. If you use the wrong springs or if they are damaged, you will experience difficulty in opening and in closing the door.

Every garage door requires a specific spring size to ensure that it is appropriately balanced. In case the wrong sized spring is installed, or if it is not installed correctly, the door might malfunction and cause issues to the entire system. At ASAF Garage Door Repair of Rancho Cucamonga, we are careful to ensure that we install the right springs correctly to your garage door.

The primary reason behind garage doors failure being equipped with the wrong springs is that there are several types of garage doors and each of them requires a specific spring size that can handle the door’s weight correctly. However, not all technicians have the expertise of matching the right spring and door type. At ASAF Garage Door Repair Company, we have various spring sizes and are ready to fix your garage system right away. There are two types of garage door springs:


Torsion Spring                                                                                       Torsion Spring 


  1. Torsion springs are mounted directly above the door. They enable smooth operation. The spring also gives the operator adequate control over opening and closing the door.
  2. Extension springs, on the other hand, run parallel to the door’s track and aid in raising and lowering the door. They also extend when the door is pulled down and contract when the door is pushed upwards. The contraction and extension help maintain the door firmly in its place.

Since garage doors are usually in the down position, with the extension springs extended entirely, they tend to stretch out over time. When it happens, the springs lose their coiled shape and thus are less efficient. For this reason, extension springs require regular replacement.

More About Door Springs


Extension Spring 

                                                                             Extension Spring

 About Our Garage Door Springs

 At ASAF Garage Door Repair of Rancho Cucamonga, we value quality. Thus, we use the highest quality of garage door springs when fixing your garage door to ensure that it is at optimum performance. Our springs are fabricated using high-grade steel and are coated using a weather resistant powder. Which helps in reducing friction and preventing corrosion.

Our exceptional design ensures our garage door springs last up to five times more than the springs you find in other garage door companies. While regular springs last between 5,000 and 10,000 cycles, our springs last between 25,000 and 50,000 cycles. A cycle refers to a full opening and closing of the door. Therefore, you will not need to replace them frequently.


We are committed and experienced at what we do. That is why we guarantee our clients a limited lifetime warranty with our maintenance schedule. For us at ASAF Garage Door Repair of Rancho Cucamonga, we want to make our repair process easy for you. Thus, if you ever notice an issue with our springs, we will replace it at zero cost.

 Safety Inspection

 The safety of our clients and their families is an essential factor to us. Which is why our garage door services are never complete without a safety inspection. ASAF Garage Door Repair of Rancho Cucamonga undertakes a full safety inspection before and after servicing a client’s garage door. We must ensure that the door system conforms to our strict safety standards. And is functioning correctly to avoid accidents, damages, and injuries.

 Our team of certifies technicians offer professional spring repair services and high-quality parts. If your door is not working as it should, contact us today for quality services. With ASAF Garage Door Repair of Rancho Cucamonga, you are assured of the best services.


Full Garage Door Spring Servicing Company Rancho Cucamonga

When it comes to Garage door spring replacement in Rancho Cucamonga, it does not matter whether you are using extension or torsion springs, is a risky procedure that should be left to the experts. The danger arises from the wound torsion spring torque and the extension spring’s stretch. It is therefore important to ensure only a skilled professional with the required skills and expertise handles the repairs and replacement. Also, someone with a proper understanding of how the garage spring doors operate will avoid any potential injuries, accidents, and risks. Experts at ASAF will offer safe, reliable, and expert spring replacement at an affordable cost. Contact us today! (909) 954-0192.

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