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Do you usually leave your garage door ajar? If yes, then you should read this article to know why this is considered a wrong behavior. Never underestimate any opening in your garage door even it is small. From our long-term experience in repairing garage doors in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Ontario, San Bernardino, Montclair and Claremont, we sum up the crucial value of your garage door being totally closed.

Why You Should Not Leave Any Gap in Your Garage Door?

1- Lessens a Garage Door’s life

garage door gap
Garage Door with Gap Underneath

Although your garage door’s motor, spring and cable are very strong, but overtime they weaken and leaving the garage door partially open would expedite their break down. Therefore, to avoid calling a garage door company to repair your opener, leave it closed.

2- Affects Your Energy Bill

Yes, it is self explanatory. Leaving the garage door of your home gapped, increases you energy bill since heating or cooling would easily escape from that gap. Thus, your home temperature won’t be established as you wish unless your home is gapless.

3- Insects and more

Leaving your garage door with a small tiny gap underneath is more than enough for harmful and unwanted insects to sneak into your living room, bed, kitchen and bathroom. Some of the insects become more dangerous specially if you have a baby or pet in the house.


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